Samsung Infinity Room

Samsung Infinity Room, Iris Culture
To celebrate the stunning Infinity screen on the new Samsung S8, and the industry leading VR & 360 camera offering, we created the world's largest infinity room and toured it around UK summer festivals: Reading, Bestival & Boardmasters.

Inspired by the simple artistic beauty of Yayoi Kusama's infinity rooms, remixed with mobile tech enabled participation and executed with production values more akin to a retail installation from a luxury brand; the Samsung Infinity Room was an audacious, ground-breaking & disruptive experience to stage in a green-field festival site.

The goal was to create a fun, creative & energetic experience; designed to encourage millennial minded festival goers to experience something immersive and creatively interactive that would not be possible without Samsung or Samsung products.
Our strategy to achieve this was simply to execute an experience that no brand had ever attempted at a festival before - something combining art & technology with the real-time creative decisions of multiple participants to create infinite audio-visual variations of the same experience; all powered through a mobile app on S8 handsets in the hands of our guests.

-13,000+ hands-on experiences with the S8 + Gear 360 + Gear VR ecosystem
-Average dwell time of 10 minutes per person with product and brand
-Over 70% of female iPhone owners (under 35) who visited the Infinity Rooms said it made their festival experience much better
-Campaign cumulatively reached over 10m+ (On-Site+Radio+Social+PR)
-74% of festival goers surveyed thought Samsung and music was a 'good fit'