Samsung A Moon For All Mankind

Samsung A Moon For All Mankind, Iris Culture
Idea Overview
Only 12 male astronauts have stepped on the Moon. However, we believe everyone should have that chance. The Moon belongs to all, not the few. Samsung and NASA joined forces to open the Moon to all as the 50th anniversary of the Lunar Landing approaches. 27,000 people were reached at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Our astronauts saw the earth-rise and made their mark with their own custom designed flag. We pushed the boundaries of what a phone can do to let people do what they can't.

Making it Happen
We pulled together a team comprising of VR specialists, simulator engineers and NASA. Working as one, we built a state-of-the-art lunar gravity rig inspired by the gravity simulator used to train astronauts.
• Our rig registers your weight in realtime, then offsets it by 83%. This means when you jump you feel like you're one-sixth of your mass on earth.
• The CGI environment was accurately modelled on NASA's Lunar topographical data.
• Sensors attached to your flight suit tracked your movements in realtime and replicated it in VR.

"A virtual walk on the Moon…fully immerses you in the experience"
Buisness Insider

"Just like the simulator that NASA uses to train its astronauts…"
Discovery Channel

"Feel lunar gravity in the Moon rig"
Digital Trends