Mastercard GRAMMYs® “Mastercard House 2018”

Mastercard GRAMMYs® “Mastercard House 2018”, BMF Media Octagon/FRUKT, Ketchum Inc., Carat, McCann New York, Team Digital
Located in the heart of New York City, Mastercard took over and transformed a space into a 5-day cultural destination with multiple touch points that placed music and Mastercard at the center of an omni-channel conversation through a cohesive design thematic that created a journey. As a result of collaboration across campaign creative, social media, media partnership programming, strategy coordination, PR communication, and event design, we executed a multi-faceted pop-up inviting everyone from media and influencers to consumers and Mastercard cardholders - all week long. To countdown the GRAMMYs and ensure that each day and night entailed a diverse set of offerings that brought together Masterpass users, Mastercard cardholders, top pop artists and local soulful musicians. The creative inspiration behind the 'Mastercard House' experience was centered around the celebration of the NYC music scene, artistic freedom and the disruptiveness from the 70s and 80s era. Inside, the overall environment was comprised of interactive components and a surplus of installations that introduced guests to a 'priceless world of innovation and limitless possibilities’. Robust programming and back-end logistics were an essential factor towards immersing consumers in a memorable experience that came across as seamless and innovative. Mastercard identified their goal of bringing 'Start Something Priceless’ to life through an event and experience that brings people together, and furthered this initiative by creating an environment that allowed for the integration of various brands and artists, exemplifying the people and experiences that create 'priceless moments'.