ITV Studios Drama Festival

ITV Studios Drama Festival, ITV
In February 2018 our brand new Drama Festival took 250 ITV Studios buyers right to the heart of our drama content, turning the traditional screening experience on its head with phenomenal results.

The challenge
· Standing out. Buyers come to the UK for a week attending multiple competitor showcases; a hard audience to impress as they have seen it all before.
· Positioning ITV Studios as a leader in the saturated premium drama market

Key objective
· Bring to life our drama slate in the most memorable, creative and engaging way to drive sales and boost reputation.

Our solution
· A truly immersive experience and guest journey in an unusual venue to set us apart
· Ambitious tech and creative: a gigantic wrap round projection screen with bespoke content and soundscapes. We supersized our drama and trust us, it was epic!
· Behind the scenes intel, exclusive content and panels
· Crazy attention to detail to bring to life our dramas in the real world

· It was a sell-out. No mean feat for a debut event.
· Buyers are contacting us to find out when the 2019 event is planned to save the date.
· Feedback demonstrated that the event was perceived as industry leading by attendees
· We have sold key new drama 'Vanity Fair' to new territories as a direct result
· Having seen what a new approach can do, internal teams are now willing to take more risks with how we engage with our clients.