Guinness Greenwood Series 2018

Guinness Greenwood Series 2018, Verve Live Agency
The GUINNESS brand perception increased as the GUINNESS Greenwood Series was a series of events for the supporters to enjoy. Each event was specific to each game and the supporters who attended were a mixture of England and opposition fans. All events sold out very quickly through YOUNG's who hosted all of the events in their pubs across London.
Shooting video with sports stars can be a challenge in itself. Shooting sports stars in the middle of a busy pub with the view to publishing this content with paid media spend applied within a 3 minute video was a whole other challenge. To make this happen we had a team onsite that included: a video director, a camera crew, an editor, a copywriter, a Guinness brand manager, a legal rep from Diageo, a social media manager, and a media buyer. Like a production line at a factory, the content was shot, edited, reviewed, published and had media applied. This all happened within our benchmark time of 3 minutes. Going beyond this benchmark meant that the moment had gone and the Twitter discussion would have moved on.

The results above show that being reactive and timely placed Guinness at the centre of the online discussion around England's 6Nations campaign.