Gorillaz x e.on A Solar Collaboration

Gorillaz x e.on A Solar Collaboration, Slice / Engine
In 2017, E.ON rolled out a host of innovative new products.

The first, a solar storage unit, allowed consumers to store solar energy for use at night.

Our brief was to engage the public with the product and get them excited about E.ON.

To do this, we decided to share their story in an unexpected, un-utility way.

In a two-part collaboration project, we partnered with Gorillaz to create a sun-powered music video for their track 'We got the Power'.

Then, we resurrected their fictional, but iconic music studio 'Kong Studio' for real, as a fully-functional solar-powered, touring, recording studio.

Up-and-coming local talent were then given the opportunity to create a music track in one night using solar energy stored up from the day.

Fans queued for over 2-hours to see the studio and 20k+ people watched the music recordings live on Facebook - impressive given it was 2am! Fans snapped up the limited edition E.ON x Gorillaz EP's we created, and over 82k+ people streamed the tracks created on SoundCloud.

Suddenly, for a faceless energy supplier, E.ON began to stand out. Suddenly, E.ON actually seemed pretty cool.

E.ON.com's web traffic increased 8.1%, with a 50% increase in engagement with solar related content over the course of our campaign.

Most importantly, our campaign shifted perceptions of E.ON from a boring utility company to an enabler of amazing energy solutions by 94%.