Dassault Systèmes Design For Life

Dassault Systèmes Design For Life, Iris Culture
Dassault Systèmes is a 3D experience company whose products are used to design everything from Tesla cars to the Tokyo Olympic Stadium. The challenge however is that the 3DS brand and their products are an invisible part of this journey, and awareness of the company remains low amongst key opinion leaders and the media. The Design in the Age of Experience exhibition at Milan Design Week 2018 was designed to subvert this and to raise awareness and consideration of Dassault Systèmes amongst this audience.

To make the intangible, complex products and brand ethos of Dassault Systèmes relevant to design influencers, we needed to simply demonstrate how the brand could make significant differences to everyday life. We therefore searched for issues that Dassault Systèmes could help tackle on both a local level in Milan and globally. Research revealed that Milan is one of the air pollution capitals of Europe, and that it was a key issue of interest for media around the world. This was therefore chosen as our focus.

Working with three creative partners who had followings beyond 3DS's traditional base, we created a consumer journey that would tell the software-to-manifestation story in a succinct and dramatic way.