Carousel x Glossier Studio

Carousel x Glossier Studio, Carousel
Ahead of their official UK launch, NYC-based online beauty giants, Glossier, chose Carousel for a dynamic preview of the brand, designed to get London's beauty press and influencers talking. 'Glossier Studio' ran for five days (21st-25th July 2017) across both Carousel buildings, and gave a targeted list of beauty editors, Instagrammers, YouTubers, make up artists and existing super fans the opportunity to get to know the brand better. We provided the venue, while our sister company, Shuttlecock Inc., took care of the intricate and visually-arresting production, giving our Next Door space the glossiest transformation it's ever seen.

The venue was fundamental to the experience. Glossier challenged us to translate their carefully curated online brand into real life and we surpassed all expectations, creating an immersive NYC loft-style apartment that gave guests the desired feeling of dropping into a friend's for coffee. The product was carefully displayed for maximum share-ability and the visibility street-side was equally impressive, with passers by queuing up just to take photographs of the interiors.

In their own words, it was "the best offline event we've ever done", a statement backed up by the overwhelming press and social media response. Key to this success was the delivery of a stunning environment, exemplary food and drink and friendly, down-to-earth staff to complement the brand personality. All of which we executed in style.